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Founded and directed by Lucie Jones in 2009, the Mount Royal Chamber Flutes (MRCF) is a wonderful group of skilled amateur flutists from Calgary and the surrounding area who meet regularly to work on a wide range of flute choir repertoire. Check out the Chamber Flutes website here. To register through Mount Royal University, click here.


millie abam

Millie has taught for more than 10 years, motivating and preparing her students to get accepted into the most prestigious music schools and pursue their own musical dreams.

(w) https://millieflutemx.wixsite.com/home


alysha bulmer

For more information, please contact Alysha.

(e) armanious.bulmer@gmail.com


lauren eselson

For more information, please contact Lauren.

(e) leselson@myroyal.ca


Rachel Flatt

For more information, please contact Rachel.

(e) rachelflatt@shaw.ca


Taryn fulkerson

For more information, please contact Taryn.

(e) tarynfulkerson@gmail.com


norman gonzales

For more information, please contact Norman.

(w) http://www.normangonzalesflute.com/

(w) http://www.montanafluteassociation.org/

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lisa graham & yyc Beeswax

YYC Beeswax is a Calgary-based company offering a range of ready-made small batch beeswax products and educational opportunities. Please contact Lisa for more information on YYC Beeswax or music lessons.

(m) 403-862-9232 | (e) lisa.graham42@gmail.com | (w) https://www.yycwax.com/

Lucie MRU headshot.jpg

Lucie Jones

To learn more about Lucie, or to inquire about lessons or The Chamber Flutes, please click here.

(m) 403-968-3853 | (e) info@luciefjones.com | (w) https://www.luciefjones.com/


cooper reed

For more information, please contact Cooper.

(e) cooperre17@gmail.com | (w) http://www.cooperreed.ca/


judy reside

Please contact Judy for information about lessons.

(e) judyreside@yahoo.com

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